Send SMS Using Java

private String smsGatewayUserId = "";
    private String smsGatewayPassword = "";
    private String smsGatewayURL = "";
    private String urlEncoding = "UTF-8";
    private String smsGatewaySID = "";

    private static String csvFilePath = "/var/www/";

    public String getMessage(String ar[]) {

        return null;
public String sendSMS(String mobileNo, String msg) {

Creating SVN Repository In UBUNTU (Linux) System

1) Up-to-Date Installed Packages
sudo apt-get update
2) Downloading the Subversion, Subversion Tools and Libapache2 packages
you need to run svn subversion and it's tools by using commands
sudo apt-get install subversion subversion-tools libapache2-svn
3) Creating Subversion (SVN) Directory
creating svn directory, where you want to configure svn.
sudo mkdir /home/svn

Maths Server Using Socket Programming

It is time to implement a more comprehensive network application by using the socket programming APIs you have learned so far. A sample math client-server interaction demonstrating online math server that can perform basic math operations,

package com.techa2zsolution.intf.math;

public interface MathService {
    public double add(double firstValue, double secondValue);
    public double sub(double firstValue, double secondValue);
    public double div(double firstValue, double secondValue);
    public double mul(double firstValue, double secondValue);